At Ten Moons Midwifery we see childbirth, although amazing, as a normal life event. It is our goal to offer you personalized and compassionate care, where you are respected as an expert in your own health. To ensure the decisions you make for the health of your baby will be safe, and reflect your values and preferences, we share current research and evidence-based information


Elisha was born in Prince Rupert BC. She is the Daughter of Lorrie, Daughter of Jean, who is the Daughter of Louise. As a child she was drawn to pregnancy and birth and was fortunate to be involved in three births before the age of ten.


Later she came across Midwifery while taking gender studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Midwifery represented a culmination of her interests: medical anthropology, harm reduction and client-centered health care. She spent the next four years immersed in Midwifery.


Pregnancy can be contagious. In the middle of Midwifery training she attended her friend’s labour and Ten Moons later… Malcolm was born attended by four midwives!  Pregnancy gifted her a vision: It was to integrate Registered Midwifery in Powell River; her next baby!


Elisha wants to thank Powell River for having her, Malcolm for sharing her, and her Husband and Mother for being here with her.


For Elisha the sacredness of childbirth extends beyond a new being.  When we respect the courageous journey of childbirth we find an opportunity to heal and strengthen the future for everyone.


Sheena is a small town girl, growing up in Northern BC she feels she has found paradise in Powell River. Her journey here has certainly not been a straight line. Working in Forestry, as a Nanny, a server, a photographer, a snow board instructor… she has dabbled in many things before finding her calling as a midwife.


So strong was her drive to follow her dream that she convinced her boyfriend at the time (now husband) to jump on a plane with their dog and move to Christchurch New Zealand. Six years, a baby, an earthquake, and a trip around the world, her husband convinced her to make Powell River her forever home.


 “Woman at the centre” is Sheena’s mantra. She sees her role as educating women so they can make their own decisions feeling empowered by their birth experience no matter what the outcome. She understands the unpredictability of birth and the choices women can face. Always calm, Sheena believes that women who do require medical intervention during birth deserve the same support and admiration as women who don’t. She strives to have all her clients feel empowered and at peace with their experiences of birth.


The favorite part of my job: “The first meeting of baby, when a couple becomes a family and when a child becomes a sibling… It’s magic! And I get to be there to witness it!”


Where she likes to support women the most: “Definitely after the birth, that’s when it all becomes real; and breastfeeding can be really challenging. I will come anytime to help, especially in those early days.”