These women compliment each other so well, are extremely knowledgeable, and attentive to your needs. I was never, not even once, worried that they did not have it under control.
Chloe was my third baby, but my first natural, home birth. The morning of May 24th, I started having contractions, and we knew that day, or early the next day, we would meet our little girl. My husband and our two other daughters helped me clean the entire house top to bottom, we brought in fresh flowers, it was perfect for our new arrival. I was using Hypnobabies, so Tim (my husband) took the girls out for the day so I could quietly and peacefully labour the way I wanted to. Sheena and Elisha brought the birthing tub over, and I slid into it's glorious warmth. When we knew it was really on, Tim came into the tub with me and guided Chloe out. Elisha and Sheena were there every step of the way, being soothing and reassuring the way they so naturally are. I think very highly of midwives, and will continue to urge women to use their service :)